VIDEO! Police insulted in Uddhav government, became a waiter in Iftar party"

Solapur: A video of Solapur Police is going viral on social media platforms in which the Commissioner of Police and other personnel can be seen serving food to people of Muslim religion at an Iftar party. According to reports, the video is from April 27. Solapur Police Commissioner Harish Baijal had organized an Iftar party for the school students and teachers of Social Urdu Primary School.

Baijal had invited the students to his residence. During discussion with the students, they were told that most of them are fasting. He remembered them at his place for Iftar the next day followed by Azaan (prayer call) and Salah (prayer) at the venue.

In this video that went viral on social media, police personnel in uniform are seen serving food. The video received sharp criticism from netizens. Twitter user Ranjit Bagga said, "Police commissioner in Maharashtra serving food at Iftar party, can we expect Kanya Pujan from Maharashtra Police during Navratri?" Along with this, a user named Prakash Doshi said, "It is not their job to do this to please the friends of the newly found Muslim community of UT." Similarly, on one hand, the user tweeted and wrote – If all this had to be done, then he would have taken a course in hotel management. In the hands in which there should be law and order, there is a plate spoon in those hands. Now ask why it is late in reaching the place of incident, then listen to excuses. Similarly, many people have criticized it by sharing the video.

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