Video: Seeing the enthusiasm of ITBP jawans at an altitude of 15 thousand feet, your senses will fly away

India has to face different types of problems from its two neighboring countries. Yes and in this list one's name is Pakistan and the other's name is China. Let us tell you that everyone is aware of the conflict with China, whether it is related to the border of Ladakh or the border of Uttarakhand. In such a situation, in the midst of these challenges, the way Indian military forces combat these traditional enemy countries, they all know very well. Let us tell you that the patrolling of soldiers on snow-covered hills in less than zero degree temperature in the border areas connected with China in Uttarakhand gives this message, the country is safe.

On the other hand, experts say that special training is given to the soldiers for patrolling on snowy hills. By the way, if we talk about the hills of Uttarakhand, then the areas where patrolling is done here are geographically difficult areas. However, our jawans are always ready to face any kind of difficulties. Let us tell you that we are fully prepared to face any kind of difficulties with China. In the video that is currently going viral, you can see how the ITBP personnel are progressing in a sequence.

During this, the soldiers are holding each other with the help of a rope and you can imagine how much snowfall on the hills, how the feet of the soldiers are going under the snow. On the other hand, experts say that this is the safest way to patrol the snow-laden hills. In fact, due to heavy snowfall, a thick sheet of snow is laid, in such a situation, the soldiers move forward by guessing.

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