Video: Son gifted a phone to mother, tears will come in your eyes seeing happiness

Parents put all their hard work to give good upbringing to the child. In such a situation, if these children leave their parents when they grow up, then they feel sad. Although some children turn out very well and when they grow up, they keep their parents on their heads and eyes and even give a small gift, then the happiness of the parents remains in no bounds. A video of such priceless happiness is becoming quite viral on social media these days, which you can see here. In this video, a son buys a smartphone for his mother and seeing this, the mother's face becomes bright. Let us tell you that this video was made by actor R. Madhavan has retweeted.

The video was tweeted by Twitter user Vignesh Sammu on January 5 and has been viewed by over 4 lakh people so far. As you can see, the user has written the caption of the video in Tamil, which translates as, 'In the bag was a phone worth Rs 8,800 but the happiness my mother felt is not worth it.' This phone was a birthday gift from the user's mother. This video was so great that even R Madhavan could not stop himself from sharing it after watching the video.

While retweeting the video, he wrote together, 'There is no price for this happiness.' Well, because of the language of this video, many people will not understand what is happening between the mother and the child, but it is clear from the expression of the mother's face that this phone is no less than a diamond for them. This video has won millions of hearts so far and people are getting happy watching this video.

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