Video: You will be shocked to know the rent of this small flat without a bedroom, see the viral post
Video: You will be shocked to know the rent of this small flat without a bedroom, see the viral post

A viral video on social media is sparking outrage as it showcases a minuscule apartment in New York City. The footage reveals a flat so small that it barely accommodates anything beyond a tiny living area. Even more shocking, there is no dedicated bedroom space, leaving viewers incredulous about how one could even consider living there.

The apartment, located in New York City, known for being one of the largest and most expensive cities in America, highlights the exorbitant cost of living in such urban centers. Upon entering, the occupant is immediately confronted with a compact living area, and beyond that, there is nothing more substantial. There's a small sleeping wall, barely fitting a single person, leaving no room for any other amenities.

The asking rent for this cramped space is a staggering $4695, which translates to over 3 lakh rupees in Indian currency. Shared on Instagram by user realtoromer, the video has garnered over 109,000 views and thousands of likes, drawing sharp reactions from social media users.

In response to the video, one user commented, "With this rent, you could buy your own house in India." Another remarked, "Even converting the lower floor into a living area and the upper floor into a bedroom wouldn't justify this expense." Yet another user pointed out, "This rent exceeds even the salary of an IAS officer in India."



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The overwhelming response on social media underscores the growing frustration over housing affordability in major cities worldwide, where soaring rents often force individuals into stark choices about their living conditions and financial stability.

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