Viral: A picture of a crying child playing the violin spread across the world, know the story

There are many stories on social media throughout the world that are heartbreaking. Occasionally, pictures surfaced that are shocking. Poverty and crime are, as we all know, a scourge in today's society. Many groups all around the globe are attempting to prevent youth from choosing the road of crime. At the same time, some individuals are blind to the condition of children and are always willing to assist them. A photo of the incident is presently circulating on social media, with the narrative being upsetting to many. In actuality, this picture depicts two or three children playing the violin.

It shows a child crying. In fact, the child is from Brazil, who is playing the violin crying at his teacher's funeral. The picture was shared by IAS officer Avnish Sharan on his Twitter handle. At the same time, he tells the story behind the child playing the crying violin. He wrote in the caption, 'This picture is of a Brazilian boy (Diego Frazo Turkato) playing the violin at the funeral of his teacher who drew him from the atmosphere of poverty and crime in which he lived. In his post, he further wrote, 'In this picture, humanity speaks with the strongest voice in the world'. Now this picture shared by him is being liked by a lot of people.

Looking at it, one user wrote, 'The picture of this Brazilian child at the funeral of his late teacher has been classified as one of the most emotional photos of our time'. Another user commented, 'Generally, only teachers in this world have the ability to save the whole of humanity'. Another user wrote, 'His eyes are telling him that his heart is completely broken!!! Shocking picture'. It's really a heartwarming picture.

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