Warner Bros. Discovery plans on filling up its Max streaming service
Warner Bros. Discovery plans on filling up its Max streaming service

New Delhi:-  Warner Bros. Discovery plans to add live CNN programming to its streaming service Max later this year, according to people betting the news will help attract subscribers. CNN's owners have already decided to expand the service outside the U.S., including live news, but asked not to be identified when discussing nonpublic information, people familiar with the matter said.

The latest news about Max in the US can be complicated. Pay-TV providers such as Comcast and DirecTV typically pay for the rights to offer cable channels to their subscribers and are sensitive to efforts by media companies to offer the same programming online.

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Warner Bros. Discovery executives are considering various approaches to bringing live CNN programming on Max in the U.S., including renegotiating contracts with TV providers, a person familiar with the matter said. It also includes things you don't need. 

In recent weeks, Warner Bros. Discovery Streaming's operations team has begun working on technical issues related to broadcasting live news about Max, according to people familiar with the matter. Warner Bros. Discovery launched Max last month, introducing consumers to a service that combines Discovery's reality shows with scripted shows and blockbuster movies from HBO Max. CEO David Zaslav said he plans to say more about news and sports in the fall.

News and sports aren't a big part of Max's life right now and weren't even featured prominently on the service's predecessor, HBO Max. CNN has several shows about Max, including shows hosted by Chris Wallace and Anderson Cooper. But they are not life. 

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Sports has been an important part of the programming offerings of two competing streaming services, Paramount+ and Peacock, but it's less clear what role news will play in the competition. Netflix says it funds hundreds of documentaries but does not run a news business. Amazon.com and Apple don't operate major video news services, but Paramount Global, Comcast, and Walt Disney have largely separated their news programming from their entertainment streaming services.

CNN, one of the world's largest news outlets, has struggled to get its foot in the streaming age. The company shut down its streaming service CNN+ last year, just weeks after it launched. The network also strives for leadership stability. Earlier this month, CEO Chris Licht stepped down after a short and eventful tenure at the network.

While CNN is widely available on satellite and cable TV systems around the world, broadcasting live on Max can significantly increase the channel's viewership. CNN subscribers fell from 85 million in 2020 to 70 million this year, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. End of March, Warner Bros. Discovery has nearly 100 million streaming subscribers across HBO, HBO Max, and Discovery+. 

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Warner Bros. Discovery planning to put the live program from CNN to its subscription model soon but CNN CEO said that would affect the business in the US by making it live.

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