Keep these tips in mind if weight is not decreasing despite workouts and diet

Many times it happens that even after much exercise and dieting, your weight does not decrease. In such a situation, you start thinking about what you are leaving so that your weight is not reduced. So let's know which ways you can reduce the weight quickly.

Reduce the amount of oil and ghee in food
If you want to reduce the weight, first reduce the oil intake. It may be better to take healthy oil options. 1 spoon of ghee or oil contains 135 calories, which is manageable. To reduce the weight, you have to make a balance of twelve hundred calories per day.

Start eating brown rice
No matter how much you like white rice, if you want to reduce your weight then it is not at all right to stay in the diet. It would be better to start taking brown rice, it has 133 calories in half a cup, while white rice has 266 calories.

Ensure your food intake
The second most important thing to keep in mind is that when you stop yourself from eating certain things to reduce the weight, it affects your energy and someday you stop eating more. It will be better that you keep in mind that how many people are eating it.

Eat food in many parts
Instead of eating food 2 or 3 times a day, eat the food a little in six times. Also, do not stop taking snacks but instead of fry, take a bake or air fry.

Do not forget to walk after dinner
Many people do not walk after eating food, if you are asking to reduce the weight, then do walk after eating.

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