'Maa Durga' in hijab in Mamta Raj, freedom of expression again made fun of Hindu faith

Kolkata: There is not much time left for Durga Puja, so its stir has started. Kolkata's 'artist' Sanatan Dinda, in one of his paintings, showing Maa Durga in a hijab, wrote that; 'Maa Aaschen' means the mother is coming. In Bengali this sentence is used before Durga Puja, to indicate that Maa Durga is coming with her family.

Artists, intellectuals, and their supporters may praise the art of this painting, but the reality is that for the common Hindu it is a mockery of their devotion, faith, and tolerance and they are compelled to see it like this because if they express opposition, it can be called communal. Intellectuals and artists have asked God for eyes that are different from the eyes of ordinary Hindus, and that is why the limits of freedom of expression and tolerance of Hindus keep trying each other day in and day out. There are hundreds of examples when filmmakers, artists, storytellers, poets, or other intellectuals do not shy away from glorifying cheaper and lower creativity that hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

Whether it is the paintings of M.F. Hussain or the so-called greatness of Mahishasura at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), our intellectuals have been celebrating everything that seems likely to hurt Hindus. It would not be surprising if those who opposed the painting and its glory were immediately declared intolerant and communal. On the other hand, in the Mamata Raj, when the protesters or those who do not support Didi have to flee Bengal, what is the point of the common people who raise their voice on this issue?

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