What are green crackers, how are they different from common crackers?

New Delhi: In view of the growing air pollution problem in the country, the government to the Supreme Court is seriously considering Diwali fireworks. Meanwhile, there is talk of green firecrackers all around. The Supreme court has granted concessions on certain conditions of firecrackers and fireworks. For example, crackers can be lit from 8 pm to 10 pm for only two hours on the night of the festival. The court also ordered that low pollution green crackers be lit and sold on Diwali.

Let's us green crackers are the discovery of the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NIRI). They are similar to normal firecrackers from sound to appearance, but their burning causes less pollution. NIRI started research on green firecrackers in January following union science and technology minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan's statement that it was needed. Green crackers produce less harmful gas from 40 to 50 percent than normal firecrackers. According to Dr. Sadhana Raylu, chief scientist at NIRI, these will produce harmful gases up to 50 percent less than normal. It's not that these firecrackers won't cause pollution at all, but they're less harmful than them.

Dr Sadhana told the media that the burning of normal firecrackers produces a large amount of nitrogen and sulphur gas, but his research was aimed at reducing their volume. The spices used in green crackers are largely different from normal firecrackers. NIRI has created some formulas that will produce less harmful gas.

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