What is Bird Flu? Know its symptoms and treatments

The bird flu (Bird Flu) crisis has also increased amid the threat of rising omicron variants in India. After the bird flu cases in Kerala and Rajasthan, Himachal has also been facing a bird flu crisis, as nomadic birds have started arriving in Himachal Pradesh these days, meaning that other regions and exotic birds have started coming. Tell us that in the winter season, exotic birds come in huge statistics in the reservoirs of Himachal. Due to which there is now a bird flu crisis in Himachal also. The Himachal Animal Husbandry Department has been on alert amid the bird flu crisis. And instructions have been issued to people to take precautions. Here's an important information about bird flu...

Symptoms of bird flu:-
-Bird flu symptoms are similar to normal flu, but breathing difficulties and vomiting at all times are special symptoms. Some common symptoms are as follows.
-runny nose
-Swelling in the throat
-Muscle pain
-Pain in the lower abdomen
-Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, pneumonia.
-Conjunctivitis in the eye

Prevention of bird flu:-
-Stay away from infected birds Stay away from dead birds in particular.
-Do not eat nonveg if bird flu infection is spread.
-Keep a watch on cleanliness while buying non-veg.
-Wash your hands again and again. Use a sanitiser that contains up to 60% alcohol content.
-Try not to go to the infection area, wear a mask if you have to go for some reason.
-If you feel flu symptoms within you, get vaccinated.

Treatment of bird flu:-
Bird flu is treated with antiviral drugs Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and Zanamivir (Relenza). This infection should be completely relaxed to reduce. A healthy diet should be taken which contains as much liquid as possible. The patient should be kept alone so that bird flu does not spread to other people.

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