Wearing basil garland has its amazing benefits
Wearing basil garland has its amazing benefits

Tulsi is said to have special importance in Hinduism. Women worship Tulsi to bring happiness and prosperity in the family and in this way, wearing a Tulsi garland is considered good. It is said that the devotees of Lord Vishnu and Krishna wear a garland of Tulsi, they get great benefits. It is also said that wearing a garland of Tulsi makes the mind and soul pure.

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Few people know that wearing a basil garland around the neck increases vitality, liberation from many diseases. Wearing it around the neck makes the body clean, disease-free and sattvic. On the other hand, chanting Bhagavanamam with Tulsi garland and wearing it around the neck puts pressure on the necessary acupressure points, which helps in mental stress, protects against infectious diseases, and improves longevity and helps in longevity. Wearing Tulsi increases the flow of electric power in the body and increases the ability of organisms to wear electric power. It is also said that wearing tulsi garland around the neck produces electric waves that do not allow blood circulation to come to a halt. Due to strong electric power, the aura is present around the holder.

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Wearing a Tulsi garland around the neck makes the voice melodious and with this, the Tulsi garland protects the heart and lungs from diseases. There is a communication of sattvikta in the nature of the wearer and the basil garland makes the personality of the holder attractive.

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