Imp GK: What are the Western Ghats of India called?
Imp GK: What are the Western Ghats of India called?

Q 1- The element whose atomic mass and atomic number are the same?

Answer: Hydrogen

Q 2- What is in the nucleus of a proton?

Answer: Proton and Neutron

Q 3- Isotope c-14 related to?

Answer: Determination of age of fossil

Q 4- Bohr principle is related to?

Answer: Spectrum of an electronic system

Q 5- Who was the chairman of the federal power of the Constituent Assembly?

Answer: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Q 6- When was the resolution to be a constitution passed by the Constituent Assembly?

Answer: 22 January 1947

Q 7- What are the Western Ghats of India called?

Answer: Malabar Coast

Q 8- Which is the highest peak in India?

Answer: K-2 or Godwin Austin

Q 9- In which state does the sunrise happen first in India?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

Q 10- What are the Eastern Ghats of India called?

Answer: Coromandel Coast

Q 11- What is the distance between two tracks of a 'broad-gauge' levee?
Answer: 1.675 m.

Q 12- Where is the Central Railway's office?
Answer: Mumbai

Q 13- Which is the 29th state of India?
Answer: Telangana

Q 14- Which is the world's largest desert?
Answer:  Sahara

Q 15- Which is the first satellite launched by India?
Answer:  Aryabhatta

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