What services does Aalgi Group provide?
What services does Aalgi Group provide?

Aalgi Group was established on December 30, 2021 its Founder and CEO is Anand Aalgi, Anand Aalgi's original name is Anand Kumar Gupta.

Their headquarters are at two places: Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh and Andheri West, Mumbai.

Aalgi Group is a PR Agency but along with PR they also provide SEO Services like Web Development, App Development, Logo Design, Graphics Design, Song Distribution, Wikipedia Page Creation, Book Publishing, Article Writing, Social Media Handling, Advertising etc.  Many other services are included.

It was seen that Aalgi Group has more than 4000 sites listed which include English Portal, Hindi Portal, Marathi Portal, International Portal, Dofollow Portal, Sports Portal, Health Portal, Backlink Portal in which Aalgi Group provides the service of Press Release. Apart from this, there are more than 500 PR packages.

Aalgi Group has more than 1000 trusted clients in just 2 years which includes India, USA, France, Dubai, UK, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many other countries because they provide services to all the countries.

There are more than 30 partners involved with this group who sell their services further.

To manage Aalgi Group in 2023, there is a team of more than 12 people working for different services.


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