Afghanistan to become hell under Taliban rule, women to be oppressed the most

Jul 10 2021 12:03 PM
Afghanistan to become hell under Taliban rule, women to be oppressed the most

The Taliban is a Sunni Islamic fundamentalist movement that began in southern Afghanistan in 1994. Taliban is a Pashto word, which means student. Students who believe in the ideology of Islamic fundamentalism. Students studying in madrasas in Pakistan and Afghanistan get a membership. The Taliban are in high spirits today after the US called in its troops from Afghanistan and is attacking Afghan security forces. In the last few months, the Taliban has killed 7 Pilots from Afghanistan. A United Nations report suggests that 229 civilians have died due to the Taliban in the first 3 months of 2021. More than 1000 Afghan army personnel have escaped to neighboring Tajikistan behind saving their lives.

In fact, bad days are about to begin for Afghanistan's people. Because the US has withdrawn its troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban's strength is increasing day by day. The Taliban recently claimed that it has captured 85% of the country and its efforts are on for the rest. So far, Afghanistan is a democratic country, but if the Taliban completely captures the country, will democracy in the country completely destroy human rights? To understand this, we have to understand the ideology of the Taliban. In fact, the Taliban had previously ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. Sharia law was in force in Afghanistan during this period. Under which a number of strict restrictions were imposed on women. It was opposed in Afghan society because of the gruesome methods of punishment. But now the Taliban have chosen the path of ground war to regain power and it seems to be succeeding. In that case, we are going to tell you what restrictions Afghanistan's reign could have because of Taliban law if the Taliban comes back to power.

1- Under Taliban rule, it will be mandatory for Afghan men to wear enlarged beards and burqas for women.
2- TV, music, cinema will be banned.
3- The Taliban enacted stringent laws on gender grounds after coming to power in 1996, according to which Afghan women were not allowed to work.
4- Girls will be prohibited from going to school after the age of ten. The doors of all schools, colleges, and universities will be closed for girls.
5- A woman will be boycotted if she goes out of the house without a male relative.
6- The woman and the girl will be boycotted if the male doctor conducts a checkup. With this, women were banned from becoming nurses and doctors.
7- Under the Taliban rule, women who fled with their lovers were stoned to death in the crowd.
8- Women who run girls' schools at home were shot in front of their husbands, children, and students.
9- Many women were severely beaten when they accidentally saw their feet from the burqa.
10- Under the Taliban rule, so many restrictions had led to depression among women, which led to a sharp rise in suicide cases.

However, despite all this, organizations and social workers working for human rights and women's safety are still silent all over the world. The United Nations had also warned a few days ago that the Taliban could capture many states in the coming days, but how to stop it, or what steps should be taken against the extremist organization? As a solution to this issue, only peace symposia are talked about.

Taliban capture 85% of Afghanistan, Afghan soldiers fled to Tajikistan

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