WhatsApp getting a Global Voice Message Player soon: Here's how it works

A few months ago, WhatsApp added the option to play audio messages at different speeds. This functionality is now accessible on both the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned messaging app is reportedly striving to improve its audio communications even further. WhatsApp, according to rumours, is working on a new feature dubbed Global Voice Message Player.

WhatsApp's upcoming Global Voice Message Player feature, according to WABetaInfo, would allow users to listen to voice messages even after exiting the chat window with that specific contact. The feature was given this moniker since it is pinned to the top of the app and is constantly visible when WhatsApp users access any area of the app, according to the blog site. The voice message may also be paused and deleted at any moment.

WhatsApp's upcoming Global Voice Message Player feature will work similarly to the app's video-playing picture-in-picture functionality. The Global Voice Message Player functionality may be pinned to the WhatsApp interface, which is the only distinction. When users get a long voice message, WhatsApp's upcoming Global Voice Message Player feature will be beneficial since it will enable them to send messages to other contacts while listening to the voice message.

This functionality is still being developed for iOS. However, it has been claimed that WhatsApp plans to implement the same functionality on WhatsApp beta for Android as well.

Aside from the Global Voice Message Player, WhatsApp is developing two additional features that will make vanishing messages a little more intelligent. To begin, WhatsApp plans to extend the time period of its vanishing messages. WhatsApp's disappearing messages are now set to expire after seven days. According to the blog site, WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow users to choose between several expiration periods for vanishing messages, including 24 hours, 90 days, and 7 days.

Users will also have the option of setting a default message timer for new conversations. If you select the “Default Message Timer” option inside WhatsApp Privacy Settings, all new chats will start with the vanishing messages option enabled for the time you specify, according to the blog. These new capabilities are currently available on WhatsApp beta for iOS, WhatsApp Business beta for iOS, and WhatsApp beta for Android, and will be accessible soon.

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