WhatsApp users beware! Is this happening with you too... so be alert

WhatsApp users need to be a little careful as they are in danger. This is because many users are reporting scenes even before they open WhatsApp messages. The case is hacking under which hackers try to steal users' private information.

Hackers first easily hack WhatsApp accounts running on users' smartphones that they can't even detect. After that, they keep stealing private information. But there is nothing to worry about now because you are telling you how to avoid this hacking, which is very simple. If your WhatsApp account is hacked you just don't have to open your WhatsApp message. Let the message remain and it's being read while it's open, so you understand that the app has been hacked. In fact, hackers keep reading your messages and you can see if the app has been hacked by looking at read messages.

Delete your account first to protect the same WhatsApp from hackers. Then, operate it again by installing it again and try to use the app lock. This will prevent anyone from using your smartphone even after someone else has it.

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