Rahul Gandhi took a jibe on PM Modi at Uttarakhand

Dehradun: There are only counting days left for voting on February 14. In this sequence, former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi has reached Uttarakhand on Thursday to give the edge to the election campaign. He addressed a public meeting in Mangalore. Due to this, he took a dig at PM Narendra Modi. He said that the Modi government is making two India. One for the billionaires and the other for the unemployed. He said that Prime Minister Modi feels that everyone is afraid of him, but I am not afraid. He said that I laugh seeing him.

Due to this, Rahul Gandhi said that there is no place in the country for the poor. China has suppressed India's land but Narendra Modi does not speak on it. Modi has destroyed India by demonetisation. "When demonetisation happened, did any billionaire fall in line? Has the black money stopped? Prime Minister Modi stopped the work by implementing GST, which made the youth unemployed. He said that if Corona came, Modi said, "Play the thali, light the light of the mobile, this is the truth of Modi."

Where was his government when there was a need for a ventilator, medicine, oxygen in Corona? It was the government's job, but we did it. Now the government says why did it do this. The UPA government pulled crores of people out of poverty. But the Modi government has again pushed them into poverty. He said that three CMs changed in Uttarakhand because they were involved in corruption. Congress will bring AAP's government. There is no PM in Delhi, the king is sitting there. We need a government of the poor, a government of those who provide employment. PM Modi says that nothing has happened in the country in 70 years. Are these roads made of magic? In which world does PM Modi live?

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