When Reena Roy forgot to bring her script, director did this

Reena Roy, the famous and beautiful actress of the 70s, worked in many hit movies in Bollywood. She made her debut in the year 1972 with the movie 'Zoorat', whose director was BR Ishara. However, before that, Reena Roy has also started shooting for BR Ishara's another movie 'Nai Duniya Naye Log'. But this movie was released after a year i.e. in 1973. At the same time, during the shooting of this film, BR Ishara once got so angry with Reena Roy that the actress cried on the set itself.

Danny Denzongpa was also in the lead role along with Reena Roy in the movie Naye Vishwa Naye Log. The movie was shot in the forest, about 50 miles from Bangalore. According to media reports, there, a scene of the movie was to be shot in front of the railway line. At the time of departure of the train in the background, Reena had to say the dialogue by looking into the eyes of the movie's hero Satyen. Before shooting the scene, BR Ishara called Reena to him and while explaining the scene said that he wanted to shoot this scene in one take, if it does not happen then we will have to wait till tomorrow, due to which the cost can be high.

According to media reports, the shoot was started, the train came but Reena forgot her dialogue. This made the director very angry and he took out all his anger on Reena. After so much scolding, Reena was very sad and she started crying on the set itself. However, Reena Roy shot this scene in one take the next day.

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