Do not eat these 5 things even by mistake if you had a gas problem

In today's time, due to poor lifestyle, unhealthy diet, the problem of gas in the stomach of people has started and in today time you can get to see this problem in every second-third person. However, today we are going to tell you about those things which are causing gas in the stomach. Let's know.

Names of things that cause gas in the stomach-

Beans- Beans come first in the list of gas-forming foods. In fact, there is a high amount of raffinose in beans, the body has a lot of difficulties digesting it.

Jackfruit- Those people who have a gas problem should not consume Jackfruit at all. Actually, jackfruit is considered to be of bad nature and jackfruit accelerates the process of gas formation in the body.

Arbi- Arbi is a delicious and nutritious vegetable. However, most people get gas in the stomach after eating Arbi. In fact, the nature of Arbi is air stimulating and bad, so it can be the reason for the formation of gas in the stomach.

Rajma- Rajma-Rice is very much liked by many people. However, kidney beans can cause gas in the stomach. Yes, it takes a long time to digest Rajma.

Milk or Dairy Products- Milk and dairy products contain lactose, due to which many people find difficult to digest. In such a situation, people who have gas, should not consume milk, instead, soya products can be consumed in its place.

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