Which type of rocks is the largest in Madhya Pradesh?

Question: Who became the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh after Virendra Kumar Saklecha?

Answer: Sunderlal Patwa

Question: Who was the Chief Minister at the time of the partition of Madhya Pradesh on 1st November 2011?

Answer:  Digvijay Singh

Question:  To whom is the Council of Ministers responsible in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer-  Assembly

Question:  Who has been given the powers of the district government in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer:  District Planning Committee

Question: Which districts were formed in Madhya Pradesh in 2008?

Answer:  Singrauli and Alirajpur

Question: Who was the first Advocate General of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer: Mr. M. Adhikari

Question:  Where is the headquarters of The Madhya Pradesh Land Records?

Answer- Gwalior

Question:  Who gave madhya pradesh the name of heart state?

Answer:  Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

Question:  Which line divides Madhya Pradesh into two equal parts?

Answer:  Tropic of Cancer

Question:  Which district of Madhya Pradesh has the highest interstate border?

Answer:  Neemuch

Question:  Which district of Madhya Pradesh borders both Gujarat and Rajasthan?

Answer:  Jhabua

Question: Which type of rocks have the highest extent in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer-  of the Archean rocks

Question:  Who gave the name of dharwad rocks to dharwad?

Answer-  Brucefute

Question:  Where is the expansion of the rocks of sakoli order mainly in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer- Jabalpur

Question: What is the height of the Sidh Baba peak?

Answer:  1172 m

Question:  In how many geographical areas has Madhya Pradesh been divided by the Physiology Map of India?

Ans. Three  Geographical Enclaves

Question:  Which region of Madhya Pradesh is known as Wheat Ki Dhallia?

Ans. Plateau of Malwa

Question: Which is the largest Rift Valley in India?

Ans. Valley of Narmada

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