Who is the author of the book named Baiga?
Who is the author of the book named Baiga?

Which are the highest peaks in the plateau of Q-Malwa?

Ans-cigar 881 m high 

Q- Which queen is famous as the queen of Jhansi of Ramgarh?

Ans-Rani Durgavati

Q- When did the world-famous Khajuraho temple be built by the Chandela kings?

Ans-950-1050 Mid-1050 AD

Kordam is in which of the following districts in Q-State?


Q-Nachna Kuthar's records are related to which ruler?


Q- Which river is also known as Charmavati?


Q- "Paddy Research Centre" has been set up in the state of Madhya Pradesh?


Q- Madhya Pradesh has a place in the country in the production of minerals?


Q- Which district of Madhya Pradesh has the highest production of wheat?


Q- Where is the minimum temperature in Madhya Pradesh?


Q- Pagalya in Madhya Pradesh is a folk painting art of which region?


Which state borders the shortest borderline of Madhya Pradesh?


Q. In which city of Madhya Pradesh is there only one opium factory in the country?


Q- Which is the district with the highest number of ponds in Madhya Pradesh?


Q- What is the percentage share of Madhya Pradesh in Sardar Sarovar Bond of Gujarat?

Ans-57 percent

Q- Which of the following tribes belongs to Kattha industry?


Q- Why is Chanderi famous?

For Ans-Sarees

Q- Ratlam, Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh are the areas with which type of rainfall?

Ans-low rainfall areas

Q- What is the average per capita agricultural land in the state of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans-0. 25 hectares

Who is the author of the book Q-Baiga?

Ans-D. N. Majumdar

In which region of Madhya Pradesh was Chandrashekhar Azad underground for some time?


Q- What is the percentage of growth rate of urbanization in the state?


Q- In which inscription of Madhya Pradesh is there a mention of the construction of Shiva temple?


 Q- What is the beautiful and artistic palace of King Jiwaji Rao in Madhya Pradesh called?

Ans-Gwalior in

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