Why Is Rahul Gandhi's Paddy Transplanting Labeled a 'PR Stunt'?

Chandigarh: Before the Lok Sabha elections are to be held in the country next year, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been seen in different avatars for the past few days. Sometimes he is seen driving a truck, sometimes he is seen opening vehicles after taking them with a mechanic. Now Rahul Gandhi has been seen driving a tractor in the fields in the avatar of a farmer. During this, Rahul talked to the farmers and also ate their food. However, after this incident, Rahul Gandhi is also being trolled on social media and netizens are making all kinds of memes on him.

— Congress (@INCIndia) July 8, 2023

In fact, it was claimed in media reports that, while going to Shimla, Rahul Gandhi suddenly stopped at Sonepat in Haryana on Saturday (July 8, 2023) morning and talked to the farmers working in the fields. Not only this, during this time Rahul also plowed his fields and planted paddy in the fields. Rahul Gandhi also ate breakfast sitting with the farmers. Rahul Gandhi deviated from his route and reached Madina village of Baroda assembly constituency, about 50 km away. At around 6:40 in the morning, they reached farmer Sanjay's field on the Bhainswan-Madina road. At that time farmers and laborers were planting paddy together. At the same time, Rahul also started helping the farmers. However, now netizens are questioning that, if Rahul suddenly stopped his car on the way and landed in the field, then how did 4 cameramen suddenly reach the field at 6:30 am? Was this a pre planned photo session?


After this, some users are calling Rahul Gandhi a cameraman on social media, while others are saying something else. A user named Tinku Venkatesh has written that, 'Perfect PR stunt… but forgot to remove them in editing.' Along with this, Tinku has also shared a picture, in which 2 cameramen are seen covering Rahul in the field. At the same time, a user named Rakesh Asati wrote that, 'Doing politics by spreading lies is the family profession of fake Gandhi! a slave of one's habits!!!!!! Rahul Gandhi with 3 farmers and 4 cameramen.

At the same time, while commenting on the video of Congress, Ramanand Pathak wrote that, 'In 9 years, Modi ji made good people unemployed. By the way, planting paddy in the fields is not a bad thing. After your government comes to power in 2024, the unemployed Congress youth will be seen working in MNREGA as well.

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