Why is World Ocean Day celebrated? Know the history
Why is World Ocean Day celebrated? Know the history

Back in 1992, during the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Canada proposed the idea of celebrating World Oceans Day. This proposal garnered significant support from representatives and advocates present at the summit. Subsequently, the United Nations General Assembly officially passed a resolution to observe World Oceans Day on June 8th annually. Since then, the world comes together every year on this date to commemorate the significance of oceans.

Significance of Observing World Oceans Day

Oceans cover more than half of the Earth's surface, playing a vital role in sustaining life. Recognizing the importance of ocean conservation, adopting sustainable fishing practices, reducing ocean pollution, and addressing other critical ocean-related issues, World Oceans Day serves as a catalyst for raising awareness and taking action.

This special day serves as an opportunity to educate people about marine conservation, highlighting the detrimental impacts of continuous exploitation of marine resources and pollution on ocean ecosystems. Governments and non-governmental organizations organize various programs to spread awareness about the importance of oceans and the harmful effects of pollution on this day.

Theme for World Oceans Day 2024

The theme for this year's World Oceans Day is to inspire sustainable fishing practices. The objective is to encourage the adoption of practices that can be utilized in the future, ensuring the protection of marine life from any form of pollution and contamination. It's worth noting that our planet is surrounded by five major oceans, with the Pacific Ocean being the largest and deepest among them, spanning between Asia and the Americas. Apart from the Pacific Ocean, Earth's other major oceans include the Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Southern Oceans.World Oceans Day serves as a reminder of the immense value oceans hold for our planet and all life forms. By raising awareness and fostering sustainable practices, we can ensure the preservation of these vital ecosystems for generations to come.

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