Jashodaben doesn't get married again after she parted ways with PM Modi because of this...

PM Narendra Modi is celebrating his 71st birthday today. Let me tell all of you that Narendra Damodar Das Modi, who belongs to a normal family in Gujarat, is the Prime Minister of the country today. PM Modi today took India to heights where every Indian is proud to see the country. PM Modi is one of the most honest leaders in the country and has made India famous in all corners of the world. Though the whole of India knows about PM Modi, today we are going to tell you about his wife. PM Modi's wife's name is Jashodaben and Jashodaben and Narendra Modi got married in 1968.

Jashodaben was 15 years old at the time and Modi was 17 years old. The two were married in Brahmawara village near Unjha in Gujarat. At the same time, Jashodaben herself revealed in an interview that she was 15 years old when she got married to Narendra Modi. She had said that at that time Narendra Modi wanted his wife to continue her studies. Jashodaben has said that our marriage lasted only three years, but we could stay together for only three months. At the same time, she had mentioned that Narendra Modi had also told her, "Why did you go to your in-laws at such a young age, you should complete your studies.''

PM Narendra Modi had also told his wife that "I will go on a trip all over the country and will go wherever I like. What will you do by stepping with me? Jashodaben has said, "It was her decision to part ways with marriage and there was never any quarrel between PM Modi and her.'' She also said that PM Modi never shared anything related to politics with her.

In an interview, she also said, 'I couldn't find my in-laws whenever I went to Badnagar. So I stopped going to my in-laws and started living in my parental home. Narendra Modi then went on a campaign for the Sangh.' On the question of not remarrying, she said, 'I did not remarry after this experience of marriage. However, my in-laws treated me well. I completed my studies with the help of my brother and father.'

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