Wikipedia passes 20 Years Milestone!: The most popular open-source info platform

Jan 15 2021 05:36 PM
Wikipedia passes 20 Years Milestone!: The most popular open-source info platform

January 15 is observed across the planet as the day when one of the most popular open-source information resources Wikipedia was born.

Notably, Creative Commons, an American Non-Profit organization, also registered their website on the same day Wikipedia came into existence.

Wikipedia, the free, collaborative encyclopedia is written in 300 languages by volunteers around the world. It is one of the 15 most popular websites as ranked by Alexa, and was listed as the 13th most visited place on the web by The Economist. Run as a non-profit, and funded primarily through donations, the site does not feature any advertisements.

Once considered an impossible project, its success deserves to be highly praised. Its role as a formidable force for truth deserves to be celebrated more than ever before, particularly in a time when disinformation and polarisation challenge our trust in information and institutions, while even causing serious harm, from sowing doubt in modern medicine to encouraging bias and inciting violence.

Interestingly, Wikipedia went all out asking its readers to donate a while ago. This raised many queries about Wikipedia as people were not able to comprehend why one of the biggest websites in the world with billions of views on its pages needed money to survive.

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