Sheep wandering for 5 years in Australia, carried coat of 35 kg wool

Feb 26 2021 11:46 AM
Sheep wandering for 5 years in Australia, carried coat of 35 kg wool

Recently a wild sheep has been found in Australia and its video is now becoming increasingly viral. Yes, this sheep has become a matter of discussion all over the world at this time. The name of this sheep is said to be Barak and it was wandering in the jungles of Australia. Meanwhile, people saw it. During this time she looked exactly like wool balls. When people caught the sheep and cut its hair, about 35 kg of wool came out. Now it is believed that this sheep was wandering like this for the last 5 years, due to which so many cries have accumulated on its body. In this regard, the Animal Rescue Century of Melbourne says that 'this sheep was wandering in the forests of the state of Victoria. Due to no wept of wool since 5 years sheep's cries were so high because of the mud accumulated on its body.'

Along with this, it is also told that 'this sheep was taken to the rescue century'. At the same time, Pam Ahearn, founder of Mission Form Century, said, "I could not believe that there is a living sheep under the whole fleece." Ahearn has estimated that sheep wool had been growing continuously for about 5 years and had not been harvested. There are also reports that the sheep was not able to walk properly due to so much wool on the body.

At the same time, Pam Ahearn also says that if Barak's wool was not cut, he could have died in the summer. This is not the first time, but before that in 2015, another sheep was found in Australia, from which 41 kg of wool came out. (The video you are watching is taken by the Reuters YouTube channel.)

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