Will Atharva tell Cheeni about his feelings?: Imlie
Will Atharva tell Cheeni about his feelings?: Imlie

Megha Chakraborty and Seerat Kapoor's portrayals of the newest sister team, Imlie and Cheeni, are tearing up the screen and breaking hearts everywhere they go. The show's second season, "Imlie," has begun following the deaths of "Aryan" and "Imlie."

Atharva, played by Karan Vohra, ends up falling madly in love with one of the two sisters Imlie or Cheeni, despite the fact that we are aware of their rivalry. In place of Imlie, Atharva picks Cheeni. In a shocking turn of events, Atharva proposes to Imlie, but his heart has other ideas.

Atharva's on-screen actor, Karan Vohra, is open about the predicament that he faces "It can be difficult to express your feelings when it comes to someone you care about, let alone out loud. In order to accurately represent those feelings, I wanted to use my own experiences. I find Atharva to be a self-assured individual, but you never know. The audience will likely need to witness it for themselves, in my opinion."

Dealing with matters of the heart is never easy. Now that Atharva is aware of his true emotions, it will be interesting to see whether he actually acts on them. What kind of dramatic admission will he have in mind for Cheeni if he does? Will he finally admit to Cheeni how he really feels, or will he accept Imlie as his wife?

We all know that the goal is to make the fictional drama more relatable to viewers, and here is what Seerat (Cheeni), Karan's co-star, has to say about the initiative. I'm so excited because this will allow us to interact with the audience even more. I've only just begun my career as Cheeni, so I'm happy to be able to amuse everyone every day from now on. Please keep watching "Imlie" and show us all your love.

Now that the show is airing every day, we will get to know these new characters well and grow to love them more and more.

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