Will India again have a lockdown due to new variants?

New Delhi: The outbreak of corona infection is once again on the rise. Many countries in Europe have lockdown-like conditions. There are strict restrictions, hotels are closed, markets are sleeping, clouds of lockdown are hovering over christmas fervour. According to a report, restrictions have been tightened to prevent sharp increases in corona infection cases in European countries, while lockdowns are in place. In The Austrian Capital Vienna, bars are closed, while Christmas markets in Munich, Germany, are on the other hand. Meanwhile, the situation in the British capital London is much better. Amid rising restrictions in Europe, people in India are also worried about the possibility of a next corona wave. The question in the minds of many of them is that once again there will be no new wave of corona and there will be a lockdown like situation. Before discussing these possibilities, let us know the plight of Europe.

The situation in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria is bad:-
Although this is not the first time that the situation in Britain is different from neighbouring countries due to the epidemic, this time people do not seem to be as nervous as before. Britain has been hit by three nationwide lockdowns so far and corona in Europe has killed the highest number of 1,45,000 people in britain after Russia. On the other hand, hospitals are seen struggling due to increased infection cases in many countries including netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. Lockdowns and restrictions have been imposed in these countries due to increase in cases. If we look at the latest figures in India, there are a total of 1.10 lakh (1,10,133) active cases of corona in the country till the evening of 26th November. Out of these, about 9,000 (8,944) cases are serious. If you look at the figures, the cases of corona in India are very low as compared to Britain, Russia, Germany, Brazil.

Compared to the US, the active cases of corona in India are very minor. The pace of vaccination in the country has also picked up. According to the Health Ministry, a total of 1,20,27,03,659 doses have been reported so far in the country. Out of these, 77,64,92,810 people have taken single doses while 2,62,10,849 persons have been administered both doses. These figures are up to 7 am on 26th November. In this sense, a large part of the population eligible for vaccines in the country has become the Vacsenate. There is no great concern. Even then, experts are constantly advising to adopt covid protocols. The same Government of India has not taken any decision on lockdown or restrictions at present and has not issued any such guidelines. However, the Government has certainly cautioned about international visits. Especially on travel to countries like South Africa. Experts say we need to be careful. In an interview programme of All India Radio, Dr. Sanjeev Saxena, Health Expert, Pushpavati Singhania Research Institute said that if international travel is opening up, one should be careful about the new variants. These variants should have less impact on people after vaccination.

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