With these tips, you can overcome the weakness of Sunstroke

May 31 2019 09:11 PM
With these tips, you can overcome the weakness of Sunstroke

It is very important to take care of your health during the summer, because in the summer the body needs lots of water. This makes your body weak. So you need to take special care in summer. During the summer, due to hot winds, the problem of Lou is born, which causes many diseases like fever, diarrhea, and bring weakness in the body. If you want to avoid heat then you can adopt some domestic methods that will not lead to any disease.

If the boil is boiled, add salt, sugar, and black pepper and mix it in it, there is no effect of lu. If lught is soaked, then soak the tamarind and make the pulp and it is useful to mix that pulp on the lower pole of the foot.

Boil the mango or fry the mango, add water, salt, sugar and cumin powder to its anus and make syrup and drink it. If you do not feel louder and use it, then use this same method.

It is said that by eating raw onion or by keeping the onion together, it is not said. If there is lu, then it is easy to get the juice of onions back in the chest and behind the chest. Take the onion and fry it, and cumin and sugar candy together benefit from eating it.

The juice of lemon does not make a mixture of sugars and black salt and drinks it and it gives relief in the situation of lunge. This solution works like the solution of the ORS.

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