Woman who went for a walk in the park became millionaire!

It is said that nothing can be said about when luck will change. Sometimes luck is kind and when it happens life changes. By the way, in the coming days, such news is seen and read on social media, where the fate of a person suddenly becomes kind. Now, something similar has happened with a woman. Actually, this news is from California, America.

Here a woman has found a 4-carat diamond. Under the information received, the woman had gone to the park and suddenly she found this diamond. According to the report of a famous website, a California woman found a 4.38-carat yellow diamond in Arkansas State Park. According to the information received, it is one of the selected parks in the world where the general public can also look for diamonds. Here if anyone gets a diamond, he can keep or sell the diamond as per his wish. Now talk about the woman, the name of the woman is Noreen Wredberg.

She said that she did not know that she was holding such a precious diamond, she picked up the yellow stone because it was too clean and shiny. At the same time, if one figure is to be believed, the price of the diamond that Noreen has found can be between $ 2500 to $ 20000. According to the news published on a famous website, Noreen has found the biggest diamond ever since 1906. In the year 1972, Crater of Diamonds became a state park and till now around 75,000 diamonds have been found here. By the way, there is also news that 258 diamonds have been found in Arkansas State Parks so far this year. Here people visiting the park get an average of 1 to 2 diamonds daily.

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