ATM machine purchased in junk made boys millionaires overnight, find out how

New Delhi: One video is fast going viral on social media. In fact, some boys bought an old ATM machine in junk, which brightened their fortunes overnight. The video of the incident has been extensively watched on social media.


In fact, some boys had bought an old ATM machine in the junk, which they didn't even have the key to.  So with the help of tools, they opened the nuts and bolts of the ATM machine, after which their eyes were wide open when they saw the inside view. The ATM machine contained $2,000 notes, which are about Rs 1.5 lakh in Indian currency. According to media reports, the boys bought the ATM machine for $300.

It can be clearly seen in the video going viral on Tiktok, boys are trying to open the ATM machine with a hammer, drill and other tools. After a lot of hard work, they are able to open the machine and as soon as the machine is opened, their luck also opens and they become millionaires overnight.

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