woman gave birth to a child with four arms and legs

Many shocking cases are coming to the fore these days. The case that has come up recently is from the city's Sadar Hospital. Where the charisma of nature was seen on Monday. Yes and seeing this charisma, people's senses were blown away. Now people have started considering this charisma as an incarnation of God in Kali Yuga. Let us tell you that this matter is of the hospital's maternity department, where a woman living in the Mufassil police station area gave birth to a child with four arms and legs.

Yes, the news of a woman from Haflaganj village in the police station area giving birth to a unique child spread like a fire in the entire hospital. Due to this there was a crowd of people outside the maternity ward and everyone out of curiosity started trying to see the child. Many people were taking his photo. Let us tell you that after giving birth to a wonderful child, both the mother and the child are healthy. However, the father of the child, Raju Sah himself is surprised after the birth of such a child. He says that in the ultrasound report, nothing has ever come to the fore regarding these difficulties, nor did the doctors tell him anything about the condition of the newborn in the womb.

Let us also tell you all that in this context the doctor of Sadar Hospital, Dr. Shashikiran also spoke. He says that, 'It is not a wonderful child, it will be called physically handicapped. During pregnancy, due to some reason such a large child has been born, which has been operated and removed from the body of the obstetrician. With this, the elderly Kalavati, who takes care of this newborn child in the hospital, says that 'this is the charisma of nature'. God has incarnated in Kali Yuga.

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