After spending 1 lakh rupees 35-year-old woman marry herself, said this

There are many types of cases around the world that are surprising after knowing them. Today we are going to tell you about a unique case that is surprising to everyone. The case is being reported from Atlanta, USA. Here a woman has married herself. We are talking about Meg Taylor Morrison, who lives in Atlanta, USA. She decided to marry herself and also arranged her own wedding ceremony.

You must have been shocked to hear that but it is true. The woman has spent 1000 Euros (1.02 lakh rupees) on this ceremony. According to reports, she was supposed to marry her boyfriend on Halloween 2020, but after that, she changed her mind and married herself. Meg is 35 years old and has married herself. At her wedding, Meg also invited her friends and family members. 

Not only this, but Meg also wore a ring at her wedding and also cut a cake. During this time, she placed a mirror in front of her, saw herself in it, and completed the ring ceremony. After that Meg kissed herself. Meg says about this, 'She decided to go ahead with her marrying herself plan as she wanted to move away from the idea of pleasing other people.' By the way, whoever comes to know about Meg is being surprised.

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