Woman shouting 'Allahu Akbar' and threatens to blow down a plane from Cyprus to Manchester

Cyprus: The heroic son of three children twice prevented a woman from entering the cockpit while she was shouting "Allahu Akbar" in only her underwear through a plane bound for Manchester.

On Tuesday, August 9, Philip O'Brien, 35, was a passenger on a Jet 2 flight traveling from Lanarca, Cyprus to Manchester, when, shortly after takeoff, a woman in her 30s witnessed a panicked scene.

The woman asked the children if they were "ready to die" and it appeared that she had explosives.

She also revealed that her parents were ISIS terrorists to the staff and frightened passengers.

Six members of Mr O'Brien's family, including his wife and three children aged eight to fourteen, were on board. Mr. O'Brien owns a drainage company.

He claimed that everyone was "sh*****g himself", but as he looked at the situation, he questioned the staff as to why no one was putting the woman on the ground before offering to help. .

'So when the woman got into the cockpit again, I took control, took her to the ground, and at that point the pilot made an emergency landing for Paris,' said the 35-year-old, who worked in security as a teenager. , told the Mirror.

When the man asked the woman why she was speaking like this, she reportedly replied, "If I wasn't there would be an explosion and everyone would be dead," according to Mr. O'Brien.

According to the publication, the flight was diverted to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport on Tuesday morning in order to "offload" a "disruptive passenger".

A social media video showing a chaotic scene shows a woman wearing a red top and a black cap being arrested or stopped.

"Jet2 Cirque De Soleil - Mad lady half naked half p****d ran herself down and fainted," is the caption for the video.

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