The woman was carrying a bag full of live snakes, know how it was revealed
The woman was carrying a bag full of live snakes, know how it was revealed

The cases of smuggling are increasing rapidly all over the world, after gold-silver and drugs, now people are also seen smuggling some rare creatures, recently heard such a shocking case from Chennai airport. It has been said that a woman passenger who reached Chennai airport from Malaysia was found suspicious and her bag was searched, meanwhile 22 live snakes were found in it.

In fact, on the one hand, due to snakes being poisonous, most people keep distance from them. At the same time, because of their special poison, they are also being bought and sold at many places. Along with this, these days some people are seen keeping Python as a pet. At the moment, it is also being said that while checking the luggage of the woman on reaching Chennai airport, the team of the Custom Department was surprised when snakes started coming out of the bag while searching.

Smuggling of snakes kept in plastic containers: According to the news, all the snakes are of different species, which were brought here by keeping them in different plastic containers. In the information given by the custom, it was told that the woman had landed at Chennai airport in India from flight number AK 13 on April 28 from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. A video of snakes coming out of the bag has also surfaced on social media, seeing which the users got goosebumps and it is becoming increasingly viral.


Woman arrested: Recently the media shared its video and informed that the Customs seized a chameleon along with 22 live snakes found in the midst of bag action under the Customs Act 1962 and the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. The department team has taken the woman into custody. At present, this video is attracting the attention of users on social media. Seeing the video, sweat has left the forehead of the users.

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