Wife's toe ring can make husband poor, here's the reason
Wife's toe ring can make husband poor, here's the reason

In Hinduism, married women are said to wear many things. In such a situation, married women wear a toe ringin the feet, which is considered a sign of their marriage. In our religion, the custom has been made to wear a toe ring in the middle three fingers of the two feet. Yes, there is considered to be the last affection of the nether women and the reason why the wearing of a gold thread on the head of women and the silver net in the foot is that the grace of both the self-factor Sun and the Moon is the life-long companion, but you Hardly anyone would know that it can also be the reason for poverty of the husband.

It is said that married Indian women wear a toe ring, but many times there is a reason for their husband's poverty. It is said that virgin girls should not wear a toe ring even by mistake. At the same time, there is a belief behind the wearing of the toe ring that "This causes the menstrual cycle of women regularly and there is no problem even during pregnancy". It is said that if a wife does not wear her feet properly. The toe ring becomes the reason for the poverty of the husband.

Yes, it is said that the reason for wearing a toe ring is that it is considered a symbol of the sun and the moon and the wearing of the toe ring keeps the grace of the sun and moon on both husband and wife. At the same time, special care should be taken that the toe rings should always wear silver because if you accidentally wear the gold net, it can cause great harm. With this, keep in mind that the wife's toe ring should not be so loose that it gets out of the leg and also take special care that your worn-out toe ring should never be given to anyone else because it makes your husband become poorer day by day.

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