What is Alzheimer? Know its symptoms

Sep 18 2020 04:24 PM
What is Alzheimer? Know its symptoms

The world celebrates World Alzheimer's Day on 21 September each year. This day is celebrated in the name of Alzheimer's disease, so that people can be made aware of it. In this disease, the patient forgets things. Like forgetting to put something somewhere, forgetting about something very early, etc. But people do not pay attention to it as normal. This disease starts in people after an age, in which individuals are unable to remember things.

Old people are more vulnerable to this disease, but in today's time, young people are also falling prey to it. A few years have seen an increase in patients with this disease. In the same old age, this disease occurs due to damage to the brain tissue. The disease is aggravated due to a malfunction in the protein structure in the brain. This is a brain-related disease, in which a person starts losing his memory gradually. In this disease, a person cannot remember even the smallest thing.

Some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's are as follows: - Sleeplessness at night, forgetting things kept too soon, eyesight starts to fall, trouble even small things, not recognizing your family members, some Also having an impact on the ability to remember, think and make decisions, live in depression, fear. All these symptoms give rise to this disease. No exact treatment has been found for this disease yet, but by changing your lifestyle, this disease can be avoided to some extent. Therefore, it is necessary to protect oneself from such diseases, and it should not be taken as normal.

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