World Mental Health Day: An opening to address suicidal issues
World Mental Health Day: An opening to address suicidal issues

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10th October every year, with the key objective of raising awareness of mental health issues surrounding the people and organizing endeavors in support of mental health across world. In the light of multiple mental health issues, quite relevantly the number of people thinking about suicide or doing self-sacrifice has risen dramatically in the Indian context. It attributes reasons such as diseases, love affairs, divorce, marriage failures, extra-marital affairs or any other issues with the people, play a crucial role mainly in the suicide of people in India. Sexually abused suicide attempters have also risen dramatically in state to state level, partially in the lockdown period.

Mental issues in children are on the rise in recent time.  Every year after the Board examination we hear about students who are ending their lives because they feel they are unable to live up to the expectation of their families. 

According to stastics, on the arrival of Covid-19, the mental and substance use disorders have increased by over 50% in the past 25 years. Suicides are rampant everywhere because anxiety levels are very high in most cases. However, all these incidents help us understand that every suicide is tragic and is recognized as a mental health, public or social issues in almost every country and it needs to be addressed.

While searching common causes of suicide, a few things are definitely clear and need minimum explanation. All suicides are based on mental imbalance or a weep for help. All suicides are mostly planned and well-contemplated as well as connected to a reason that remains unexplained in most cases. There can’t be a fixed reason rather there are a number of factors that contribute to the fatal act.

The question of debate arises in the midst of suicide cases is that how we would deal with the situation?  Why is mental imbalance still a taboo in our society? Why depression, which could be indicative of suicidal behavior, is not taken seriously? And lastly, why caste, gender, social status or popularity are the criteria for labelling or judging someone’s suicide?.

Students, adjusting themselves with emotional well-being conditions, encounter much more social separation than before.  These are major factors that can affect mental issues. Therefore, taking care of mental health of people in this critical age is paramount and needs to be seriously addressed in the World Mental Health day.

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