World's beutiful grandmother shares secrets of her young look, know here

Jun 08 2021 10:35 AM
World's beutiful grandmother shares secrets of her young look, know here

Every woman in this world always wants to be young. There are many women who may be 50 years old but are 25 years old. Today we are going to introduce you to one such grandmother. In fact, we are talking about Jinaahh, who has won the title of the most beautiful grandmother in the world. Jinaahh is 49 years old, but no one can say that she is also the grandmother of a grandson. Looking at Jinaahh, one would say that she will be 25 years old at a maximum, but that is not the case.



Rather, because of her healthy diet and lifestyle, Jinaah has maintained herself. Let us tell you that Jinaah is being called 'World's Hottest Grandmother'. Jinaah currently has millions of fans on Instagram and the number of followers is increasing day by day. When Jinnah was asked by many of her followers for her youthful skin secret, she explained that 'the secret of her youth is green tea. She explained that this is the cheapest way to stay healthy.

She said she drinks both cold and hot green tea. She says the antioxidants present in it play an important role in making the skin young. She also revealed that she follows a Mediterranean diet. Let us tell you that this diet increases the age of a person and does not cause heart diseases. Also the aging process slows down. She  says mental peace also helps a lot in controlling age.

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