World's 9th aircraft restaurant built in Gujarat, see these amazing photos

Vadodara: The world's ninth, India's fourth and Gujarat's first aircraft restaurant is set to start in Vadodara, Gujarat. The special restaurant has been designed as well as special facilities. The same people living in Vadodara can now fulfil their dream of eating via air.

A personal restaurant has been started on the main road near the highway of Vadodara city. Which is made on an aircraft i.e. Airbus flight. 106 people can sit together and enjoy eating inside the Gujarati First Aircraft Restaurant. All sensors have been installed inside the aircraft just like a flight to call the waiter here. At the same time, staff working like air hostess cabin crew have been hired here.

This will give individuals the experience of sitting at the airport and on the aeroplane. In this particular restaurant, all the people entering are given a boarding pass just like a flight ticket. Not only that, like the flight, all the facilities are available here. Built at a cost of over Rs 1 crore, the aircraft restaurant has become a centre of attraction in Vadodara city, and it is amazing to look at.

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