These things should not be eaten by mistake during fever!

The risk of diseases increases rapidly with the change of weather. Because of this, we should all take great care of our health. Whenever the summer and rainy seasons come and due to the winds blowing during this time, a certain kind of fever spreads quite a lot, which is known as Hay Fever. In fact, in the heat and rain (between March and September), the winds release some particles into the air that go into the throat and nose by breathing, causing fever and allergies.

Itching in the eye, runny nose, sinuses, dark circles, fatigue, cold, cough, and fever are its symptoms. In this hay fever, one should avoid the consumption of certain things, otherwise, the situation can become more serious. Now today we are going to tell you about the things that one should avoid eating in Hay Fever.

Cheese- Histamine chemical is found in cheese which is released into the body when exposed to an allergy by the immune system. Actually, histamine can cause swelling and cold in the body. Histamine is also found in many foods along with cheese, due to this, avoid the consumption of such foods. If needed, you can take antihistamine tablets on the advice of a doctor, which can reduce its effectiveness.

Dairy products- Most types of dairy products increase mucus in the body, due to this, they can increase any allergies even more. In fact, experts say that dairy products like cheese and milk along with grains increase the mucus in the nose, which stops the name. Because of this, add almond or oat milk in place of cow's milk in the tea, however, during this time remember not to consume coconut milk.

Alcohol- Alcohol contains histamines that increase itching in the eye during fever and can reduce the ability to smell. Drinks such as beer, cider, and red wine are high in histamines that can exacerbate the symptoms of hay fever.

Sweets- Sugar and processed foods cause histamine production in the body, which can further increase the symptoms of hay fever. Because of this, reduce the consumption of sweetly or stop it.

Some fruits and vegetables- People with hay fever may also have digestion-related problems and food allergies. Actually, due to allergies, the person may have itching in the throat, itching in the ears, and swelling in the tongue or lips after eating fresh fruits. Because of this, avoid consuming some acids or citrus fruits.

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