Yashwant Sinha :Lack of jobs will be key issue in 2019 LS election
Yashwant Sinha :Lack of jobs will be key issue in 2019 LS election

NEW DELHI: nonconformist BJP leader Yashwant Sinha remains not disconcerted by all the criticism he has faced for his strong critical analysis of the economy and emphasized that lack of jobs will be a most important issue in the next Lok Sabha elections.

He also feels any attempt at polarising voters on issues like the Ram temple or Article 370 of the Constitution will not work on a country-wide basis.

"I feel justified .My first satisfaction is that the concern is being debated. There is fairly an informed debate going on. I stand by the facts and figures I quoted. I see no signs so far of a breather for the stressed sectors of our economy.

"RBI has not revised rates, on the fiscal side again.

Asked about whether the BJP would come across the  tough fighting in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and if the ruling party would attempt to polarize votes on issues like the Ram temple, uniform civil code and Article 370, He said it was too untimely to answer that question as there are about 18 months still left.

"The Indian voters are unpredictable and I should know given the 2004 elections," he said in a reference to the overwhelm suffered by his party then after it advanced the polls on .

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