Yemen humanitarian operation hampered by lack of funds: UN

The UN's humanitarian operation in Yemen is still being impeded by funding shortfalls, according to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

The humanitarian response plan for Yemen in 2021 got 58% of its financing requirements, leaving a $1.6 billion budget deficit. As a result, assistance organisations are being compelled to reduce and eliminate critical initiatives.

For 8 million people throughout the country, emergency food aid is being slashed. It further stated that reproductive health care, water, protection, and other programmes are being cut. The United Nations is urging donors to sustain and, where possible, enhance their assistance for Yemen's humanitarian response, which is a lifeline for 16 million people.

According to OCHA, the UN will engage closely with all stakeholders in Yemen in 2022 to create a better economy, since economic collapse is the major driver of humanitarian needs.

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