Simple Yoga Asanas That Will Give You a Flat Tummy

Jul 25 2019 09:18 AM
Simple Yoga Asanas That Will Give You a Flat Tummy

Women pay special attention to their bodies so that their bodies look attractive. In the same way, you will have a variety of measures to make your waist slim. If you do yoga postures to reduce waist fat. This will make your waist look thin. Let's also tell you which yoga posture can be beneficial for your waistline.

Regularising these postures at home can give you a thin and attractive waistline. Men can also get their waist fat low through smart bodies.


Naukasana is called Navasan. To get a thin waist, start practicing it today. This is very profitable yoga. Navasana makes the stomach flexible to the hips. Strengthens the spine. Stress is also overcome. Improves digestion. It helps to reduce waist fat to get an attractive look. In addition, regular exercises also strengthen the back muscles.

How to Navasan
First, lay a mat and straighten both legs in front of you. Place the spine and both hands on the ground. Now lift both legs upright. To create the balance you can bend a little backward. Keep your hands straight forward. This pose will form an angle of 45 degrees on the waist between the legs and the upper part of the body.

Trikonasana yoga is also better for the thin waist. This helps in stretching the internal thighs and abdominal muscles and strengthening the spine. Trikonasanaopens the hips, hamstrings, shoulders, chest, and shins. Also helps to reduce fat around the waist.

How to Trikonasana
Sit on yoga mats to do Trikonasana yoga. Now stand straight with both legs away. Tilt the side of your right foot and place the hand on the ground. Now straighten the other hand up, so that the two hands are in a straight line. Be in the first position after a while in this stage. If there is difficulty in placing hands on the ground, the hand can be placed above the foot.

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