'You merge with BJP, we will raise Shiv Sena again..', Raut's sharp attitude on the rebels"

Mumbai: Amid the ongoing political tussle in Maharashtra, senior Shiv Sena leader and Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Raut on Thursday challenged the rebel camp of the Eknath Shinde-led party for a floor test in the Assembly. At the same time, Raut  also said that the rebel leaders still have a chance to return to the Shiv Sena. On his demand that Shiv Sena should break away from NCP and Congress to form government with BJP, Sanjay Raut said the rebel MLAs should merge with BJP. Shiv Sena will remain our party.

Speaking to the media, Sanjay Raut replied to the question whether Uddhav Thackeray will continue as CM. Raut said let all the MLAs come to the table of the House. We'll see then. MlAs who have gone will find them, it will be difficult to return to Maharashtra and roam around. Asked if talks with the rebel MLAs were still on, Raut said, "They are all our friends... We don't know what their compulsions are.

Sanjay Raut has joined the party and the state Uddhav Thackeray. Only because some mlas have left. That doesn't mean the party is gone. Even during balasaheb thackeray's time, many people had left the party. And now it is an open challenge from Uddhavji and my side that we will rebuild the party again and we will come back to power.

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