You will fall in love with the beauty of these places

God has given us a beautiful and beautiful gift in the form of nature that sometimes does not believe in our eyes. Many people love to see natural scenery. And they always visit places that are full of nature. So today we're going to tell you about some of the places that are full of nature.

 1- The lavender field in Provence, France, looks like someone in the ground has laid a blue sheet. After seeing it, your mind won't come from there.

2- You hardly have seen a Waterfall like the Batara Gorge Waterfall in Tannerina, Lebanon. This waterfall is an amazing specimen of nature.

3- The tunnel in Kelvin, Ukraine, is covered with bushes on both sides. It is so beautiful to look at that anyone's mind can be fascinated.

4- You can enjoy the scenery of nature to the flower park in Vashika, Japan. Vashika Park is completely covered with flowers.

5- Looking at the trees of Morandava in Madagascar, you will feel that a person is standing with both his hands up. This site will make your heart happy.

6- The Iceland of Gulfos is very beautiful to look at. Here the two sides of Iceland are very close, but they don't meet.

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