Zac Efron Praises 'A Family Affair' as a 'Really Beautiful Story'
Zac Efron Praises 'A Family Affair' as a 'Really Beautiful Story'

Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, and Joey King are bringing a fresh twist to the romantic comedy genre with their new film, "A Family Affair." The movie follows the character Zara Ford, played by Joey King, who works for movie star Chris Cole, portrayed by Zac Efron. The plot thickens when Chris begins a romance with Zara's mom, Brooke Harwood, played by Nicole Kidman, leading to a journey through the complexities of love, sex, and identity.

At the film’s Los Angeles premiere, Zac Efron spoke about the depth of the story. "Romantic comedies are special when they touch on something real," Efron said. "These characters are experiencing love in different ways at various stages in their lives. Somehow, Nicole and my characters are right for each other, and it's a really beautiful story."

Joey King shared her excitement about watching Efron and Kidman’s on-screen chemistry. "They're both so committed and professional," King said. "They enjoy each other's company in real life, which made their scenes together amazing. Zac's hilarious, and Nicole is so funny. We all had a great time."

Efron and Kidman also discussed filming their intimate scenes together. "It always feels very easy with Nicole," Efron explained. "I've had scenes like this before that didn't go as smoothly, but with Nicole, it just works. Maybe it's because we've done it before."

Kidman added, "We have a friendship, so we can talk about everything. There's a lot of laughter that gets cut out. We laugh a lot and have a blast. It's like putting together a musical."

"A Family Affair" will be available for streaming on Netflix starting June 28.

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