US athlete donated over 5-feet hair to help children, set a Guinness World Record
US athlete donated over 5-feet hair to help children, set a Guinness World Record

There are many strange people around the world who surprise everyone with their strange exploits. Now today we are going to introduce you to one such woman. In fact, this woman has set a world record. The girl is from Virginia and has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for her long hair for her heels. The girl's name is Zahab Kamal Khan and the girl has set a world record by cutting her hair after 17 years and donating it. Zahab Kamal Khan last got her hair cut at the age of 13 and today she is 30 years old.


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For nearly 17 years, Zahab Kamal Khan had not had his hair cut. US athlete Zahab applies his grandmother's homemade domestic oil to keep his hair healthy. You all know that the Guinness World Record also identifies people who have done amazing feats by creating new categories. Similarly, Zahab Kamal Khan set a record in a new category of Guinness records. The record is said to be the highest number of child donations by a person. As part of the information received, Zahab Kamal Khan and his father had dreamt of this day since childhood. When Zahab Kamal Khan was 13 years old, his father suggested that he never cut it.


In fact, long hair will make Zahab Kamal Khan the most different and perhaps she will also get a Guinness World Record. The secret behind her long locks, the woman revealed that it was her grandmother?s hair oil that kept it healthy all these years. Now, after a haircut, Zahab Kamal Khan said, 'I am quite nervous and excited to see my short hair, but I will miss my hair.'

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