11 nurses got pregnant together, pictures went viral

Many shocking incidents keep coming to the fore these days. In such a situation, the incident that has come to the fore recently is from America. More than 10 women working together got pregnant at the same time. Yes, such a shocking incident has come to the fore in a hospital in America. Let us tell you that 11 medical staff working in this hospital have become pregnant simultaneously. This case is from Missouri, USA, where 11 medical staff working in a hospital became pregnant simultaneously. It is being told that one of them is a doctor while 10 are nurses.

The most important thing is that two will deliver on the same day. Yes and all of them work at the Liberty Hospital in Missouri. On the other hand, see the coincidence, most of them work in the delivery department. Yes and local media groups quoted Birthing Center director Nicky Colling as saying that 'they always worked in groups, but we didn't have 10 at the same time. It's been fun.' It is being said that all the women are all set to give birth to children this year. Yes and the first delivery can happen in the next few weeks. Labor and delivery nurse Katie Bestjen is due to become a mother on July 20, while Therese, 27, will give birth at the end of November.

Apart from this, two nurses Atcheson and Alison Harrell are going to give birth to the child on the same day on 27 May. When so many medical staff have become pregnant in the same department in the hospital, then everyone has started joking with each other. During this, a nurse said that those who are not pregnant have a good chance to open a day care facility. However, this is not the first time that several members of the nursing staff have become pregnant at the same time. In the year 2019, nine nurses working in the labor and delivery unit at Main Medical Center became pregnant at the same time and during that time all the nurses had planned to be there for each other's deliveries.

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