Smuggling of cannabis was taking place in Karnataka, police raided

Bengaluru: The speed with which corona is increasing in the country today is just as fast as the incidents of engagement that are coming out across the country. Where it is becoming more and more difficult to live with these rising incidents, every day some such news comes out due to which the fear of people increases even more rapidly. Now the same question is arising in everyone's mind that whether we are safe in our homes today or not.

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According to the information, three people from Mysore were detained for allegedly selling narcotics and seized 204 kg of cannabis from a truck and a car. Police gave this information on Thursday. They told that Sameer Bari (37), Kaiser Pasha (41) and Ismail Sharif (38) have been arrested on Wednesday in this regard.

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In this case, the police said that Bari allegedly brought drugs from Tuni village in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. After which he gave the drugs to Pasha and Sharif in Bangalore, Mysuru, Ramnagar, Chikkaballapur and Chikkamagaluru. Police said that criminals also used to sell narcotics in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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